Podcasts from the Pros: A market update from Capital Wealth Planning

At Naples Wealth Planning we try to bring our clients and advisors top insight from all around the industry.  We bring in the industry experts who are able to give us their insights into what is happening in the current market environment.  Stay tuned as we bring these audible insights directly to your inbox.

In today’s Podcast from the Pro we welcome our guest Kevin Simpson, the President and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Wealth Planning.  Kevin gives us a quick market recap on what he is currently seeing in the markets and talks about his outlook. Listen below!  If you want to learn more about Kevin, feel free to read his bio below.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Naples Wealth Planning or your Naples Wealth Planning Advisor.

About Kevin Simpson

President & Chief Investment Officer

Kevin Simpson has been the Portfolio Manager of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC since establishing the firm in 2005. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kevin has been investing in options since he began his career at W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co. in 1992. After his time at W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co, Kevin spent 7 years with Wheat First Butcher Singer (Subsequently Wells Fargo) where he helped institutions and high-net worth individuals plan and achieve their financial goals through option centered strategies. Following his time at Wheat First Butcher Singer,

Kevin spent several years at Sterling Financial before establishing Capital Wealth Planning. Over the years, Kevin has developed a strategy that aligns CWP as an institutional management firm offering separately managed ETF and Equity portfolios that are complemented with a yield enhancing covered call strategy. A graduate of The George Washington University majoring in Finance, Kevin applies institutional investment management strategies to diversified equity and option portfolios.

Email: bbruneau@napleswealthplanning.com 

Phone: 239 260-9386

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