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Portfolio Selection

Once your goals have been uncovered in previous steps of the advisory process, this step factors in your investment horizon and risk profile for an optimal portfolio selection.

Our portfolio selection process

To be transparent, it is critical that our team educates every client on the investment process and strategies that our advisors use since these decisions directly impact you and your families wealth.

We use a comprehensive set of tools to simulate various risk management cases in order to build efficient, optimal portfolios that meet your unique investment goals.

Once there is an understanding of the vehicle(s) being used to carry our clients along their desired path, our advisors will make a recommendation on the asset allocation of the portfolio.

Once a client agrees to our investment strategy, Naples Wealth Planning will reconcile the portfolio using the recommended asset allocation and begin the next step of this process – tracking our projections.

Here’s are some of the ways we optimize a client’s portfolio:

  • Forecast capital market gains and losses
  • Identify and minimize for potential risks
  • Create efficient asset allocations

Be sure to visit our blog for more tips and explanations about the portfolio selection process.