Naples Advisors

Andrew J. Krone | MBA

Managing Director – Wealth Management

Andrew Krone joined Naples Wealth Planning (NWP) as Managing Director – Wealth Management in September of 2019. Andy brings over 30 years of investment management, financial planning and executive management experience to NWP.

Andrew’s financial services and executive management experience is broad and diverse. Prior to joining NWP Andrew spent 10 years at Pinnacle Advisory Group, LLC as director of their Naples, Florida office where he was responsible for establishing and growing office in southwest Florida.

Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer and partner at West Financial Services, LLC in Northern Virginia where he spent 9 years growing and developing the company toward its eventual sale. In addition, Andy was Chief Financial Officer for an environmental consulting firm and he designed executive benefit plans as vice president of The Todd Organization, in Washington, D.C and provided financial analysis for the Ford Motor Company.

Andrew’s approach to wealth management emphasizes financial security first. “I encourage people to take as little risk as needed, while still feeling confident that we can achieve their financial goals and objectives. Most people don’t realize the volatility they can experience with their investments. We all feel great when the market is up, but things change when it goes down. It’s best to err on the side of safety.”

While Andrew brings wide-ranging expertise in both investment management and financial planning, he believes that his ability to keep clients grounded is no less beneficial. “It’s important to point out to people the choices they need to make to get to the future they want. Without that, they’re flying blind. That’s the value that I bring as an advisor — the kind of financial discipline and clarity that will see you through the good times and the bad.”

Andy is a graduate of Boston College with a double major in math and economics and holds an MBA in finance from New York University along with a certificate in accounting from the University of Virginia.

Andy and his wife of 43 years Barbara, reside in Naples, Florida.

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