Managing Director, Wealth Management

Michael J. Iacampo joins Naples Wealth Planning (NWP) with 29 years of experience on Wall Street as a specialist in creating financial solutions for individuals, and capital market strategies for corporate clients (e.g., senior loans, convertible bonds, high yield bonds & IPOs).

With 11 years of aviation experience in the U.S. Air Force as both a KC-10 Aircraft Commander and Global Operations Planner for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike brings a unique global perspective to optimizing risk and return along the Efficient Frontier.

With an MA from the University of Southern California in International Relations, and an MBA from the University of California, Riverside, Mike designs customized portfolios that are academically based and empirically driven, with a special emphasis on Alternative Investments (AI) in an ongoing rebalancing process seeking income and growth globally.

Experienced in philanthropy and capital market deals around the world, Mike advises both donors and charities in utilizing tangible assets that hold latent wealth to unlock value and create tax benefits (e.g., real estate, artwork, precious metals, & jewelry). Married with five daughters, Mike and Paula Iacampo live in Bonita Springs, FL.